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How to make Kung Fu Tea?

Kung fu tea is a traditional tea of Chinese. Which is also served in their traditional ceremonies. This tradition is just similar to Japanese. This is an herbal type of tea. In Chinese, this is called green tea. It has been found about 1000s of years ago while studying on a project. Most of this tea grows in Ming Dynasty in the 1500s years. The Chinese use this in their traditional medicine system for about a thousand years which helps the patient in digestion and also lose weight. 

Most of this tea is grown in Yunan province. The method of making Kung Fu tea is so easy we use leaves as well as water but not in too much quantity. Kung Fu tea is a type of tea in which brewed by pouring boiling water over tea leaves. It is served in traditional small cups. Another name for this tea is Kung Fu Cha, Gong Fu Tea, and Gong Fu Cha, In Chinese, Cha means tea. For Kung Fu. 

Kung Fu Tea in Cups

Making style of this ta is a simple, too much slower and precise method in the western style of brewing tea. That’s why it is the favorite tea of the Chinese. The name of this tea is too much similar to much too other popular meanings. Such as “Martial Arts”. The real meaning of Kung Fu Tea in their traditional language is hard worker, labor worker, achievements, skill, free time, etc. The benefits of this tea are the following. 

It contains antioxidants that help the immune system, and also reduce inflammation. The brewing process of Chinese tea is Kung Fu Cha. Kung Fu tea is a mixture of different herbs which including ginseng and green tea. This tea is a wonderful combination of Scents and Flavour. 

Step by Step Instructions on Brewing Your Tea Kung Fu Style

  1. Boil water in your kettle.
  2. Once your water is boiled, pour hot water over your Gaiwan, and then use that water and pour over the chai hai and finally from the cha hai, over your teacups. This will sterilize and preheat your utensils.
  3. Measure out your tea leaves into your gaiwan.
  4. Pour hot water into the gaiwan and quickly pour it out. This will wash your tea leaves and also prime or “awaken” them.
  5. Pour fresh hot water into your gaiwan and steep your tea anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds depending on your tea.
  6. Once brewed, pour the steeped tea into the fairness pitcher.
  7. Use the fairness pitcher to pour the tea into the teacups.
  8. Slowly take a few sips and enjoy your tea!

Drinking kung fu tea is truly a delight, not only for your taste buds but also for your peace of mind as it is a quiet, relaxed way to enjoy the variety of flavors offered by your tea leaves.

Benefits of Kung Fu Tea

People have been drinking tea to boost their health for many years. Tea is claimed to be excellent for the heart, weight loss, and cholesterol reduction. Kung fu tea is one of the many advantages of drinking tea.

Some individuals claim that kung fu tea offers several health advantages, including the reduction of inflammation and the reduction of blood pressure. It has also been proven to have anti-cancer capabilities, however additional study is needed to validate this.

What classes of tea are appropriate for Kung Fu Tea?

Oolong class. Kung Fu Cha uses Yixing teapots that retain a high temperature during brewing. High temperature is what it takes to extract flavor from Oolong. However, tender tea classes like green tea should NOT be brewed with Kung Fu Cha.\

Procedures are dead. What do we look for in Kung Fu Cha?

We look for the right combination of the number of tea leaves, water temperature, brewing time, etc. to make a good cup of tea. And keep in mind that Kung Fu Cha offers an advantage over other brewing – higher water temperature. The procedure illustrated in the coming up pages is just basic steps. Feel free to modify the steps (e.g. putting the Yixing teapot in a hot water bath to slow down heat loss, etc., etc.) if such steps give you a better cup of tea.

How Is Kung Fu Tea Brewing Different from Western-style Brewing?

The Western method of making tea involves steeping the tea in boiling water for a certain period of time and then pouring everyone a cup. You taste the tea with all of its mixed flavors all at once.

The tea is steeped numerous times with the Kung Fu technique, sometimes up to 15 times depending on the tea. After each step, the tea is placed into tiny serving cups that only enable you to take a few sips.

Why Try the Kung Fu Method Of Tea Brewing?

There are many benefits to making Kung fu-style tea. With each step, you will gradually take in the many flavors and aromas contained in your tea. You will be able to completely appreciate – and savor – even your favorite tea, uncovering unexpected flavors you were previously unaware of.

It is also a more leisurely, deliberate, calm, and attentive way to drink your tea, as well as a fantastic time to catch up and converse with friends throughout the brewing process.

Kung Fu Tea

What Are the Best Teas For Kung Fu Cha Brewing?

Loose-leaf Chinese and other Asian teas are great for making kung fu styles, including Pu’erh, White, Oolong, and other black teas. The higher the quality of the tea, the better because the taste is more complex and these are the most flavorful varieties. Kung Fu, however, is not for green, flavorful, herbal, and fragrant tea and tea in tea bags.

DIY Kung Fu Brewing at Home

Because kung fu is so old and traditional, you might be afraid to try it at home, but don’t worry! Kung Fu style wine is possible at home, and with a lot of practice, you can become an expert in no time.

Delicious Tea

You will need the following:


To ensure that your water is boiled to the proper temperature, you’ll need a dependable kettle.

Gaiwan / Small teapot

Gaiwan is a cup of tea that looks like a normal cup (but smaller) with a lid. If you do not have one, you can use a small teapot. Gaiwan is the place where you make tea leaves. A popular type of pottery, cup, and the jug is often used with kung fu style cooking. Yixing pots are made of special clay that becomes more insecure over time, absorbing the various gems of the tea leaf and giving you a more flavorful cup of tea.

Chai Hai / Small Tea Pitcher

Once the tea is brewed, you will need to put it in a teapot, or in a separate teapot, also known as a “fair” teapot. Tea is very important in high kung fu style as it guarantees that when you put the brewed tea into individual tasting cups, they will all have the same consistency, color, strength, and taste.

Drinking Tea Cups

The cups of tea used for kung fu tea are smaller than the cups of western tea. They only take three to four sips or somewhere between 30 and 70 ml.

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