Male pop singers and Female pop singers who made history include.

What is Pop Music?

Pop music’s beginnings and history, from the 1960s to the current time. From Elvis Presley to Madonna, the most famous pop musicians of all time have influenced pop music history. Pop music is a kind of music that began in the 1960s in the United States and was first popular among teens, with songs about love or relationships between men and women.

Pop music is the most famous genre of popular music. Although most singles are also released on albums, a song must be launched as a single. Some songs are hits because they have major specialties. The specialty which hit the song is called Pop Music Formula. They have a strong rhythm and a catchy tune, and they’re simple to memorize and sing along to.

Some the POP music follows a special chorus and repeated the lines of songs two to three times. Some of the major Pop songs have between two to five minutes and in these lines, Singer tells us about love, Care & relationships.

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These are the list of famous Male Pop Singers & Female Pop Singers.

Male Pop Singers:

 Frank Sinatra:

Frank Sinatra was a famous pop male singer. The birthplace of Frank Sinatra in Hoboken, New Jersey on 12 December 1915. He is an American Pop Singer. He started his career in a local singing group. His group won a singing competition in 1935 on the most famous radio program “Major Bowe’s Amature Hour”. He died on 14 May 1998.

Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber is a famous pop male singer. The birthplace of Justin Bieber is Ontario, Canada on 1 March 1994. He is a Canadian singer. Justin Bieber participated in a local singing competition in 2007 and got 2nd position. Her mother posted her singing video on a website for family members and friends and it went viral. Justin Bieber is now one of the most-viewed male pop singers.

Stevie Wonder:

Many male pop singers have passed in history, and Stevie Wonder is also counted among them. The birthplace of Stevie Wonder was Saginaw, Michigan on 13 May 1950. He is American Singer, Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist. When he was 8 years old he was very skilled, being a musician. At the age of 12 years, he started his career as a singer. He started video recording.

Michael Jackson:

Gary, Indiana, was the birthplace of Michael Jackson on 29 August 1958. Michael Jackson was one of the most famous American singers, songwriters, and dancers during the 1970s. He is the king of pop singing. He is the most famous male pop singer. The death place of Michael Jackson is Lon Angeles California, on 25 June 2009 at the age of 50 years. Michael Jackson is one of the most famous male pop singers.

David Bowie:

The birthplace of David Bowie was in London, England on 8 January 1947. He is a British singer, Songwriter & Actor. He was very famous in the 1970s. He died on 10 January 2016 in New York.

Ed Sheeran:

The birthplace of Ed Sheeran is Halifax, the United Kingdom on 17 February 1991. He is a Singer, Songwriter, and Actor. Ed Sheeran start singing in 2004 with his friends when he was 15 years old. Then he moved to London and began performing small functions in 2008.

Shawn Mendes:

The birthplace of Shawn Mendes is Ontario Canada on 8 August 1998. He is a Canadian Singer and Songwriter. He start his career as a singer in 2013. He uploads his first video which is only a six-second clip in which Shawn Mendes holding Guitar in his hand.

Marvin Gaye:

The birthplace of Marvin Gaye is Washington D.C. on 2 April 1939. He is an American singer, Songwriter & Producer.  He is a very skillful Musician. He start singing with his father in his childhood when he was three years old. He died on April 1 1948 in Los Angeles, California.

Bruno Mars:

The birthplace of Bruno Mars was Honolulu, United States 8 October 1985. He is an American singer and songwriter. In 2003, he graduated from school. He started his career in school life. He used to perform in a group called “The School Boys”.

Justin Timberlake:

The birthplace of  Justin Timberlake is Memphis, United States 31 January 1981. He is Aquarius. His Full name is Justin Randall Timberlake. He is an American Singer, Songwriter, and Actor. He owns six times Grammy Awards & twenty times Grammy Awards Nominated. He is the most famous personality and most singer all over the world.

Female Pop Singers.

Lady Gaga:

The birthplace of Lady Gaga was in New York, the United States on 28 March 1986. She is Aries. She is Singer, Songwriter & Actress. Her first performance of the music is in 4 years. In 2005 she take a sabbatical from college 2005.

Taylor Swift:

The birthplace of Taylor Swift is Pennsylvania, the United States on 13 December 1989. She is Sagittarius. She is an American Pop singer and also Songwriter. When she was only sixteen she released her first album. She is not only skillful as Vocalist but also good on other instruments such as Guitar, Piano & Ukulele. She is the only female artist who has won the two “Album of the Year” awards.

Ariana Grande:

The birthplace of Ariana Grande is Florida, United States on 26 June 1993. Her star is Cancer. She is American Singer & Actress. In her childhood, she participated in plays and start singing at public events. She was also part of many Various television shows. Thousand of copies of her album were sold and then she become a famous star.

Billie Eilish:

The birthplace of Billie Eilish is Los Angeles, United States on 18 December 2001. She was raised in Los Angeles. Her star is Sagittarius. She is American Singer & Song Writer. She belongs to a Musicians family. She start singing when she was 8 years and when she was turned 11 she had begun writing songs and singing her songs.

Dua Lipa:

The birthplace of Dua Lipa is London England on 22 August 1995. Her star is Leo. He is an English singer, Songwriter & Model. She won two Awards “British Female Solo Artist” & “British Breakthrough Act” in the latest event. She is one of them who record the theme song for the upcoming James Bond movie.

Salena Gomez:

The birthplace of Salena Gomez Grand Prairie, United States on 22 July 1992. Her star is Cancer. She is Singer & Songwriter. She is considered one of the most successful “Disney” child actors. When Salena Gomez was five years old, her parents divorced then her grandparents bring her up. She decided to become an actress by following in the footsteps of her mother. When she was twenty-two years old she have almost fifty-eight awards for her good performance both as an actor and singer.


The birthplace of Adele is Tottenham, England on 5 May 1988. Her star is Taurus. She is an English Singer & Songwriter who get fame with her distinctive voice and become one of the most selling artists of our time. At an early age, she love to sing Pop Music, later on, she become interested in Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. At an early age when she was going to school, she decided on her career as a Singer. After graduation, she signed a deal with “XL Recordings” and released her first album in 2008.


The birthplace of Madonna is Bay City, United States on 16 August 1958. She was born in Catholic Family  Her star is Leo. She is awarded as “Queen of Pop”. She is the most famous international artist. She wanted to become a dancer then she dropped out the school. She decided to move from Bay City to New York. This is easy for her to live in New York. To survive she had to engage in many odd jobs, which included waitress and another one. At the same time, she also bring her dance career and participated in the band. soon her dance is noticed and she got her first solo contract. She created many records and registered her name in the “Gunnies World Record”.

Britney Spears:

The birthplace of Britney Spears is Mc Comb, United States on 2 December 1981. Her full name is Britney Jean Spears. She is a famous American Popstar. She is of the most popular pop artist from the west. When she was 8 years old her mother took her to “The Mickey Mouse Club” for an audition it was her second attempt and she got a role in the show. Her film “Baby One More Time” was released in 1999 and it became a hit all over the world. She is the most Popular teenage artist in the world.


The birthplace of Ashley is Edison, United States on 29 September 1994. Her full name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. Her star in Libra. She is an American pop artist & Songwriter. She started her singing career in 2012. She sings another song “Room 93” which was released in 2014. Next year she released her album which name is “Badlands” its got huge popularity and ninety-seven thousand copies of this album were sold out in the first week. She changed her professional name to “Halsey”. Ashley starts singing at the age of seventeen. She has been nominated for many awards such as “Rising Start” and many others.

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