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Everyone Loves Google Pixel 6 Is Reportedly Getting A Heart Rate Tracking Feature

Google will reportedly bring heart rate tracking and respiratory tracking features to the Pixel 6 mobile app via Google Fit. Users can reportedly expect these features to be rollout just like they were on previous models of Pixels, too. The feature is out of its early access phase, meaning Google looks to be ready to fully roll them out soon! The release doesn’t seem widespread yet – many Pixel 6 users are reporting the Google Photos update removed the Magic Eraser tool from their devices.

9to5Google reports that Google Pixel 6 units are now getting heart rate features via the Google Fit app. The app can read your heart rate by using your camera’s flash sensor. This program is most certainly still in development, as Google further warned users that it is “Not for Medical Use” and this feature could be removed at any time. While testing the heart rate tracking feature, its results matched those of a Fitbit tracker and a Pixel 5 in a well-lit area. However, readings were off by 30 beats per minute when tested in a darker room.

On the Google Fit app for Pixel 6 users, there are two new features that appeared in the bottom of their Home tab. The first one lets users check if they’ve received the feature by going to Browse > Vitals. Also, several Pixel 6 owners have reported that Magic Eraser tool has recently been removed from Google’s Photos app after it was released in version 5.67. It’s also worth mentioning that this rollout has reportedly been stopped, but if you’re using this Pixel 6 device right now and haven’t updated your Google Photos app yet, you’d still be able to use the Magic Eraser tool.

The rollout of the new Photos update was reportedly stopped yesterday because of early reports that the tool doesn’t work correctly on Pixel 6s. A Google spokesperson said that there is an issue with the implementation of the feature on this phone model, but they are planning to release a fix soon.



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