Fan Zhendong is one of the rising stars of table tennis at present.


Fan Zhendong was born on January 22, 1997, in Guangzhou, China. Born in January, his star is Pisces. Fan Zendong belongs to the Catholic religion. Fan Zhendong is also known as Pinyin. Fan Zendong received his early education from Guangzhou Elementary School. Every time he got good grades,


At the age of five, Fan Zhendong started his table tennis career. Fan Zhendong’s parents had a great desire for their son to become a table tennis player. They had no hope that their son would become a great athlete or become a professional athlete.

At the age of seven, Fan Zhendong was so good at table tennis that he competed in the Guangzhou City Men’s Table Tennis and won the award. From this match, Fan Zhendong gained a lot of popularity. Fan Zhendong enrolled in a special sports school to improve his game.

Fan Zhendong became more successful in table tennis when he reached the age of 11. He was seen with many famous professional table tennis personalities of the time. Fan Zhendong was part of a well-known team at the time, which included internationally renowned table tennis players such as Liu Guoliang and Wang Hao.

Fan Zhendong continued to practice and compete in matches until 2011. Fan Zhendong continued to train with the Chinese national B team and also played matches with them, while Fan Zhendong continued to train with the Chinese national B team. They competed with Tong Zhou’s team and defeated them. Fan Zhendong watched the A-Team’s success closely. He has won many prestigious world titles.

Fan Zhendong’s Height, Weight, and Physical Details

The physical condition of celebrities is one of the most crucial factors for followers. Many of us like to copy our favorite celebs’ physiques and styles. We are also aware of this fact. Fan Zhendong stands over 1.73 m tall (58). He weighs about 77 kg (170 lb). Weight is a constantly changing value. You’re looking at his weight’s most recent value right now.

Fan Zhendong’s Marital Status and Affairs

Are you interested in the marital life of Fan Zhendong? If you are a gossip lover, then you will enjoy this part. We have talked about the personal life of Fan Zhendong. In the table above, I have written about his marital status, spousal status, current affairs, hobbies, and much more personal information in short. We have also written about favorite personalities and things like color, food, etc. here. According to our research and data, he is unknown.

Fan Zhendong’s Net Worth and Salaries

Are you curious about the net worth of Fan Zhendong? How much did he earn? We all know that a person’s salary and assets change from time to time. Some controversies about him are found, which are also added below. Fan Zhendong’s net worth is $5 million.

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Playing Style

Timo Boll remarked in 2021 that he and Fan played a similar style, but Fan was superior. Boll did not expand more, but it is evident that he feels Fan is the superior player.

At the expense of a weaker center, Fan elevates his elbow higher on his strokes than some of his rivals, such as Ma Long, resulting in a more grounded strike forehand change game.

Playing style and equipment

Fan Zhendong is a competitor supported by Stiga. Regardless, he uses a Butterfly Viscaria sharp edge but has moved to a Stiga Infinity VPS V handle because he is a Stiga supporter. He plays the forehand with a dark DHS Hurricane 3 neo-National Blue Sponge and strikes with a Red Tenergy 05. During the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, he used the new Butterfly Dignics 05 strike, which had recently arrived on April 1, 2019.

Fan Zhendong, a right-handed shake and hold player, plays an aggressive style of table tennis, employing his delicate footwork and thunderous forehand circles to dispatch his opponents. Fan’s playing style is sometimes contrasted with that of his older compatriot Ma Long, who rose to prominence as a 16-year-old miracle kid. He has been unusually prepared by both Wang Hao and Ma Lin, in addition to public group mentors. His encounters with prominent members of the Chinese public have sparked a lot of speculation and expectation. His courage and procedure enable him to challenge highly regarded, seasoned players, occasionally thrillingly beating top players.

Fan Zhendong’s Struggle with Opponent Ma Long

Fan Zhendong’s world championship ambitions were dashed after he was defeated 4-1 by Ma Long in the 2015 semi-finals. It’s reasonable that Fan, who is only 18 years old, had some self-doubt throughout the match, given he was up against an older, more famous player.

He was down 4-3, with the game concluding 12-10. Despite his setback, it was apparent that Fan had substantially improved his talents since his last meeting with Long in 2015.

As a guest on a show in 2019, Fan reminisced about his World Championship defeats against colleague and opponent Ma Long in 2015 and 2017.

Ma Long and Fan Zhendong have played 28 matches so far, with Ma winning 21 and Fan winning 7. However, a more recent meeting in 2019 between the two showed an even tighter battle. The score was 4–4. Despite Fan Zhendong’s youth, the two players are now about equal in talent.

After 29 months of being ranked second in the world, Fan finally realized his long-held aim of being world number one in table tennis. Despite his huge success, Fan was aware that he must not get complacent. The top rating placed a massive bullseye on his back, and he knew that players would be pursuing him more aggressively than ever before.

With an increased sense of pressure and responsibility, Fan realizes he must rely on both his skill set and mental fortitude to preserve his position.


  • Men’s singles, men’s team, and mixed doubles champions at the 2012 World Junior Table Tennis Championships; men’s doubles runner-up.
  • 2013 ITTF Pro Tour, Poland: Men’s Singles Champion
  • 2013 ITTF Pro Tour, Germany: Men’s Singles Champion
  • The men’s singles runner-up on the 2013 ITTF Pro Tour in Sweden.
  • 2014 ITTF Pro Tour, Kuwait: Men’s Singles Champion
  • 2014 ITTF Pro Tour, China: Men’s Doubles Champion
  • men’s team in the World Team Table Tennis Championships in 2014.
  • Nanjing, 2014 Men’s Singles Championship at the 2014 Youth Olympic Table Tennis Event
  • Asian Men’s Team Champion in 2014
  • The men’s singles runner-up at the 2014 Asian Games.
  • 2014 China Nationals, Table Tennis Event: Men’s Singles Champion.
  • 2014 China Nationals, Table Tennis Event: Men’s Doubles Champion.
  • The men’s singles runner-up at the 2014 Asian Table Tennis Cup.
  • The men’s team at the 2015 World Team Table Tennis Cup.
  • Runner-up in the 2015 ITTF LIEBHERR Men’s World Cup in Sweden.
  • Fa Zhendong also won the 2015 ITTF World Tour Men’s Polish Open Singles Championship.
  • 2015 ITTF World Tour, Swedish Open: Men’s Singles Champion.
  • The men’s team competed in the 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships.
  • 2016 ITTF World Tour, Japan Open: Men’s Singles Champion.
  • 2016 ITTF World Tour, China Open: Men’s Singles Champion.
  • Men’s doubles runner-up, 2016 ITTF World Tour China Open.
  • The men’s singles champion at the 2016 ITTF World Cup in Saarbrucken, Germany.
  • The men’s singles runner-up at the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships.

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