Everything You Wanted To Know About PING PONG BALLS And Were Afraid To Ask| In 2022

The meaning of Ping pong is suburban basements but we are now talking about the game and the game that has a long history. The game originated in England in the late 1880s but the game ping pong gained popularity at the end of the 19th century, they became popular in many places.

At the start of the game, the ping pong ball was made of cork, or sometimes champagne in rubber. There was an English researcher his name is James Gibbs and discovered celluloid balls in the United States in 1901 after some research he think that he found the best ball “for playing ping pong” 

The spectators and players wants the name of the game, so they decided that when they hit the ball, it would move back and forth and make a sound, after which they thought the name might be attributed to the sound.

The ping pong ball was hollow 40 mm inside and then made of celluloid. The 1969 William & Mary College where Williamsburg, Virginia studied, was new to him. He is sitting with his roommate they decide to play a ping pong game for fun to play a game they bought a ping pong ball.

The weight of the ping pong ball should be 2.7 grams 40 mm due to the rules of the international game. And the color of the ball should be either white or orange.

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  • When ping pong balls hit a hard surface, they do not flex.
  • They are filled with gas to enhance their bounce.
  • Earlier, the ball diameter is 38 millimeters. The size of the ball increased at World Table Tennis Championships in 2003.
  • 40 millimeters is the standard size of Ping pong balls.
  • The best quality ping pong ball has three stars. They are graded with one, two, or three stars.
  • The ball which has three-star is used in competitions. 
  • Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988, making ping pong an Olympic sport.
  • Chinese players currently dominate the sport.
  • China’s national sport is ping pong.
  • In addition, it is regarded as the world’s No. 1 brain sport.

Popular Ping Pong Ball Brands

JOOLA Ping Pong Ball

JOOLA is a German company and is still headquartered in Germany JOOLA Company was founded in the 1950s and has been making table tennis ever since. 

In 2018, its owner sold the company. An American company Sport Squad Inc bought it. JOOLA has not received any complaints from any customer so far. Their craftsmen are very skilled.

Nittaku Ping Pong Ball

Nittaku was founded in Japan in the 1920s and is still headquartered in Japan. It has been producing table tennis equipment since 1920. Many people believe that they make the best ping pong balls in the world. He has delivered ball orders for 13 World Championships, 3 Olympic Games, and 7 years of European competition.


DHS literally means “Double Happiness Shanghai”. The company was founded in 1959. It is one of the largest table tennis manufacturers in the world. The company won table tennis balls at 2008, 2012, and 2014 World Championships. Were provided

Double Fish

Double Fish was found in 1962 in Guangzhou China. Double fish created sports accessories in 1962. Double fish is also known as this was the supplier of table tennis tables for ITTF international competitions, The quality of tennis tables created by double fish is outstanding.


If we leave out the mention of another Japanese brand, it would be unfair to name it Butterfly. Two of our eight balls have their own quality. Its quality makes its quality and those balls are liked by the players all over the world.

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