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Esporta fitness club was founded in 1984. The founder of Esporta fitness is Chinyol Yi and Louis Welch. The first club of Esporta fitness was founded in Los Angeles, California. In the mid-1990s Epsorta fitness club become expanded. In 1995 Esporta company continued its construction and built its future gyms. In South California, The Esporta company develops their acquiring under-performing fitness clubs. 

Esporta fitness company bought new buildings and built many new ones and started operating them. In early 2000, Esporta fitness company acquired one of the largest and most futuristic gyms in, Atlanta. Esporta company converted the old 25 locations into the larger next-level gym. In 2007, The Esporta company become more expanded and acquired its gyms outside of the United States, Such as in 2007, they acquire six fitness clubs in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Shortly afterward, the 2009 Valery Township shooting. Also known as the Bridgeville LA Fitness Shooting. Since LA Fitness is so close, there have been mass shootings and murders. In 2010, The Esporta become a brand and acquire ten fitness clubs in Phoenix. Rise and fall are part of life, within a year one of the former pure fitness clubs was closed. On November 30, 2011, the Esporta company completed the acquisition of 171 clubs from Bally Total Fitness for $153M. 

Due to some reasons some of the Bally Total Fitness are closed and some of the reopen. After a while on July 2, 2012, The Esporta company accomplish its 33 lifestyles in Family fitness gyms/clubs in Florida. The CEO of the Esporta fitness clubs think about the option of becoming an independent company or selling to a larger organization. The team board finalizes their decision of selling the Lifestyle Family Fitness clubs in Florida to LA Esporta fitness clubs. 

Over time Esporta company become more expander they acquired “The Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs” in western New York on December 23, 2013. After this, they completed their acquisition, of 10 Vision Quest Sport and Fitness clubs in the greater Seattle area on December 30, 2013. In early 2018, Esporta fitness company offers high-intensity interval training classes, in certain renovated clubs for an extra fee. 

With the corporation of heart rate monitors by Myzone. In starting of 2020, LA Esporta company launched their new down-market LA fitness brand to compete with their competitors with high volume products at low prices competitors are such as “Planet Fitness”. The LA company reopened many venues under the name of “Esporta Fitness”. The LA Company sued 11 insurance companies in April 2021, covering companies that cover their employees. 

LA Fitness Company claims that more than 1,200 employees have contracted the coronavirus. And they paid $500 million in losses to COVID-19.

Is Esporta Fitness worth it?

Is Esporta fitness worth it?

Esporta Fitness is a low-cost, budget-friendly gym, the membership of this gym starts at $9.99 per month which is affordable for everyone. If your wish is to increase your membership, then you’ll have access to many of the same amenities that you would at a mid-level gym. Just keep an eye out for any hidden costs and visit your local gym to verify you like the personnel.

How much does Esporta Fitness cost?

Esporta company has three membership plans for their clients. $0-$99 startup charge, with monthly dues ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 depending on the package chosen. Esporta company says that you are paying far less than a cup of coffee every day. Everything that gives you a gym is entitled to a monthly fee. There are numbers of options to choose your membership plan. 

While the Basic Single Club membership is less expensive overall, at $9.99 per month ($119.88 per year), it does need a $99 initiation charge and only gives you access to the strength and cardio equipment sections. By choosing these membership plans the fitness club will offer its clients full access to all of the amenities. 

There are two Premier membership plans, one is “Single State” ($25.99 per month / $311.88 for the year). The other membership plan is “Multi-State” ($29.99 per month  / $359.88 for the year) this offer is for those who like to work out while traveling. Both plans offer full access to all amenities to their clients. But the “Single State” couldn’t offer unlimited studio cycling. 

The persons who want their trainer pay an extra fee to the fitness club. The personal trainer contract is the additional agreement of the gym. Gym different prices for Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, and Louisiana peoples. Now the gym offering a special offer for their “Single state & Multi club members” your first month’s dues are $1. Esporta club will also offer three-day free trails for every just to test the facilities of a gym before opening up their wallet.

Esporta Fitness Equipment, Features & Amenities

Now that we’ve discussed how much it costs to get in, let’s have a look at what your money gets you at Esporta Fitness.


Workout equipment

While most locations feature the same equipment, like with any large box gym, the number and type of machines may vary.

There is a peak period and a calmer period depending on the time of day that you hit the gym, so don’t be shocked if you come up around lunch or straight after work and your location is filled with like-minded folks looking to get their sweat on.

Typically, Esporta locations look exactly like a typical LA Fitness!

Workout Accessories

Cardio Equipment

  • Exercise bikes (various styles)
  • Stair climbers
  • Treadmills
  • Rowers
  • Plyometric boxes

Strength Equipment

  • Free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells/plates)
  • Machines
  • Medicine Balls
  • Battle Ropes
  • Olympic Lift Section

While some may say that the number or quality of equipment or space is not comparable to LA Fitness (depending on location), this is to be anticipated given that Esporta is designed to be a more affordable club.

Group Classes

Esporta Fitness provides its clients with a variety of classes as part of its two Premier Membership packages. These classes challenge your cardio, balance, strength, and even rhythm.

Please note that classes and times will vary from location to location.

  • Aqua Fit
  • Boot Camp Conditioning
  • Cycle
  • Kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

Alternatives to Esporta

You can’t judge a book by its cover, which is why it’s highly recommended that no matter which gym you choose to join, you take advantage of their trial pass (usually between 3-7 days).

If Esporta doesn’t cut it for you, there are plenty of other options available.

Other budget-friendly gyms that start in the $10-20/month range would be Planet Fitness and Crunch. Both are great options for beginners, but Crunch usually has a better selection of equipment for a similar price.

Try 24-Hour Fitness or Anytime Fitness if you’re ready to pay a few additional dollars per month for superior facilities. Of course, there’s also LA Fitness!

Wrapping Up

You’d be hard pushed to find a better budget-friendly gym with a greater array of equipment than Esporta Fitness, which starts at $9.99 per month.

However, keep in mind that the basic membership does not get you access to many of the more luxurious amenities found at most facilities, such as the pool, sports courts, group lessons, and so on.

If you wish to upgrade to a higher-level membership, the rates remain reasonable, but they are more in line with a standard mid-range gym.

Overall, Esporta Fitness is worth considering and definitely worth a trial run if you’re looking for a new gym!

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